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Shipping and Exchange Policy

When will be the Order Shipped

Alpha & Best requires 5 working days to process confirmed order before goods are shipped. Each order will be delivered to shipping address by using UPS service. Alpha & Best does not guarantee exact delivery times. For general information on delivery time and charge, please visit UPS.

A delivery notice with UPS tracking number will be sent to your email after the order is sent out.

How to Track Order

You can track order with UPS tracking number on UPS.

How to ask for Product Exchange

Only quality reasons will be accepted for exchange within 48 hours after products are received. We do not accept request for refund or exchange for different product. All exchange goods must be in NEW and UNUSED condition, i.e. in the same condition as we sent to you. Alpha & Best reserves all the rights in product exchange.

Below are steps for product exchange:

  • Step 1: Fill in Product Exchange Form

    Fill in product exchange form here.

  • Step 2: Exchange confirmation

    You will receive exchange confirmation email when exchange request is accepted.

  • Step 3: Send Return Product

    You can return Alpha & Best the exchange product once request is confirmed. Please attach receipt upon return of product.

    For non-member customer or member customer has less than 3 purchase history, return & exchange shipping charges are the customer's responsibility.

    For member customer has 3 or more purchase history, return shipping charge is the customer's responsibility. Alpha & Best will send exchange product on our cost.

    In case you get the incorrect items, return and exchange postage will be all on Alpha & Best’s cost in these cases. But only normal postage will be counted. Express mails will not be counted. Please attach the postage receipt upon return of products.

Who responds the risk of loss

All items purchased from Alpha & Best Living are made pursuant to a shipment contract. This means that the risk of loss and title for such items pass to you upon our delivery to the carrier.